Yury Yakubchyk

Chairman and Founder

The opportunity to create industry-defining companies is bigger than ever. Our vision at Cold Start is to empower innovators with the tools, resources, and talent needed to build the future we want to create, together.

Olexandr Kal'tsev




We’re a venture studio building and investing in generation-defining companies.

Be in good company

Cold Start provides companies with the resources and experience to solve today’s most complex challenges.

Better autism care, right at home.

Mental health support, made simple

Cold Start Ventures

We’re building together. Cold Start Ventures invests in mission-oriented founders solving complex problems.

Created by innovators

We’re a community of operators and innovators with a proven track record of turning complex ideas into hyper-growth companies.

Milan Thakor

Director, Product

Olex Kal'tsev


Carla Ruiz

Director, Design

Amit Khanna

General Counsel

Building the future, faster

By combining decades of experience, we have the playbook, expertise, and resources necessary to jump-start ambitious ventures from concept to growth.


Companies incubated

1700 +



Valuation of incubated companies


Assets under management

Solving complex

problems, together

"I love working at Cold Start because I get the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest talent from across the globe while also getting to build, solve problems, and innovate each and every day."

Samantha Clouten

Sr. Manager, People